Concussion Physiotherapy

A concussion is a transient brain injury which can occur after a body blow (not just to the head) that affects the brains ability to function optimally.  This can affect a person’s memory, concentration, emotions, ability to work, talk clearly and can dramatically affect a person’s energy levels. Often a person can get ongoing headaches, vertigo, and poor vision.  These symptoms can last minutes, days, weeks, or months.

Great Lake Physio has clinicians with advanced skills to assess and help treat the person’s physical recovery, exercise capability, any neck involvement, vision, vertigo, and balance training.  The Physio helps a person pace their return to work or school so as not to make the problem worse.  Physio can ensure a person has fully recovered before returning to contact sport.

Great Lake Physio links in with a bigger concussion team of occupational therapists, neurological specialists, and psychologists, working with those patients with more persistent post-concussion symptoms when it’s clear that these symptoms are not settling easily.

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