Ergonomics and Work Place Manual Handling

The Physiotherapists at Great Lake Physio are trained in ergonomics and manual handling and have experience presenting manual handling and ergonomic talks to groups at a variety of different work places, or one on one consultations in the clinic.


They are able to: 

  • Teach safe movement of occupational loads

  • Provide you with advice regarding technique

  • Provide you with exercises to help with sustaining ergonomically sound postures

  • Provide you with advice regarding different ergonomic products that may be of benefit to you or to your workplace

Great Lake Physio can work with you, or with people in your workplace to help with the ergonomics in your workspace or at home.

They often travel to workplaces and train staff on safe loading, lifting and ergonomic techniques specific to that environment. Whether it be a healthcare setting, farms, factories, office spaces, hotels or hospitality settings, the physio can adapt the teaching to that workplace.


Contact us on 07 378 9355 to enquire or make an appointment. 

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