What To Expect

What can we do

  • Our Physiotherapists can assess and treat any concerns you have both under ACC related or privately. 

  • They are able to lodge injuries with ACC for you. 

It is important to know that you do not need to be seen by a doctor or referred to us by a doctor. You can come directly to us for an assessment. 

When making your appointment 

  • Our staff will ask you if the consultation will be for a new ACC claim, a claim already made to ACC or private consultation.

  • They will ask what the consultation is for.

  • We ask these questions to ensure we have the correct forms printed and have given the physiotherapists enough time to ensure a good quality consultation. 

What to expect when you arrive

  • You will be greeted on arrival by one of our staff members

  • You will be required to fill out a consent form and potentially other forms depending on your injury.

  • Once you have filled out these forms the Physiotherapist will take you to their consultation room

  • We are happy for Whanau or support personal to accompany you into the consultation room. 

In the consultation room 

  • You will be asked questions about why you are here

  • The Physiotherapist will assess and measure the area of concern 

  • You will be provided with treatment to help with your concerns, which may include exercises. 

Common questions asked

  • Can i bring a family member or support person in with me? 

    • Yes, you are more than welcome to bring someone in with you. 

  • Do I need to get my GP to refer me to see you?

    • No. ​You can come straight to a Physio without needing to see you GP. 

  • Can you lodge this with ACC?

    • Yes​. Our Physiotherapist can lodge your injury with ACC. 
  • ​Is there a cost if my injury is covered by ACC

    • Yes. Please click here to find out more.