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Paediatric Physiotherapy

Children can sustain injuries to or can have developmental concerns that parents are worried about. Many people often think kids will grow out of the concern or the concern is because they are growing, it is important to know that the way your child moves and functions now will impact them for the rest of their life.


We are lucky to have a paediatric physiotherapist who can assess and treat any paediatric patient from birth through to adulthood. 

We can assess a variety of different areas related to your child including:

  • Developmental concerns

    • Meeting milestones

    • Walking

    • Co-ordination

    • Balance

    • Gross motor function

    • Any musculoskeletal concerns

  • General injuries

    • Concussion injuries

    • Musculoskeletal injuries


We understand the implications of the assessment findings and will work closely with you and your child to manage and treat any concerns. The aim is to target interventions that will help optimize bone and joint development, while improving movement, function and overall quality of life. ​ 

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