Paediatric Physiotherapy

Bronwyn has completed Post Graduate training in Developmental Orthopaedics. 

The training involved learning about paediatric development from new born through to adults, the role of postural control with movement, how the body changes and adapts as you age, as well as the features of orthopaedic development of the trunk and extremities.


Bronwyn can assess your child for a variety of different concerns you may have about your childs development, including those who have any developmental delays or have difficulty meeting milestones, any difficulty with walking, co-ordination, balance, gross motor function or any other musculoskeletal concerns or injuries specific to children.

Bronwyn understands the implications of the assessment findings and will work closely with you and your child to manage and treat any concerns. The aim is to target interventions that will help optimize bone and joint development, while improving movement, function and overall quality of life. 

Contact us on 07 378 9355 to discuss or make an appointment with Bronwyn.