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Vertigo, dizziness and disequilibrium

The eyes, neck and ears are constantly sending information to each other and the brain to help coordinate our eye, head and neck movements. This in turn helps keep us balanced so we can see and move in a coordinated way. When part of this network around the brain is not working correctly it can be felt as dizziness, imbalance, or present as vertigo. These symptoms are not uncommon in the general population and could present randomly, following a concussion or as we age. Recent alcohol consumption or medications could also cause these symptoms to occur. When these symptoms appear for no reason it’s important to get a medical review. Most of the time it is nothing dangerous and the doctor will recommend you see a physio who is trained in how to assess and treat these symptoms.

The physio will assess your eyes, ears, neck, co-ordination, and balance with a series of tests that help them to better understand what areas have been affected. This leads to various treatment strategies and often there can be a quick solution. If the neck is the cause of the symptoms, local neck therapy can often improve your symptoms.

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